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Educator Profiles

All of our Educators have a current first aid certificate, have passed a minimum health and standards check of their home, are police vetted and attend regular professional learning workshops.



Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones

Carolyn is a North Canterbury lady who offers care and education for children in her lovely home in central Rangiora.

Carolyn has a level four National Certificate in Early Childhood, a current first aid and undertakes professsional learning development throughout the year. This ensures Carolyn is providing a well rounded learning environment for all children in her care.

Carolyn originally became an Educator with the plan of caring for other children until her daughter started school. She has met so many lovely children and families over the years and the time has flown by. 22 years later Carolyn is still enjoying working with young children. She believes the rewards are numerous and there is nothing better than seeing a child happy and settled. Carolyn has found that having small groups of up to four children enables a strong secure attachment to be formed which ensures every child feels safe, nurtured and loved.

Carolyn looks forward to meeting you and your child soon.

Donna Matthews

Donna is another highly experienced homebased Educator who lives on the West side of central Rangiora. Donna has been providing quality homebased education and care for local children for the last 18 years.

Donna has a Level four National Certificate in early childhood education, a current first aid and consistently attends professional learning development throughout the year.

Donna is married and has a two adult children, and two British shorthair cats.

Donna's open plan home has a fully fenced secure outdoor area which offers children lots of opportunities for physical play. Gardening, arts and crafts, baking, visiting playgroup, music and movement, story time at the local library, and feeding the ducks are just a few of the experiences Donna provides for the children. Donna is passionate about homebased care and education as she believes it offers her optimal opportunities to form a close bond with all of the children in her care.

A testimony from one of Donna's families states "there are not enough words to describe our gratitude for all you have done for 'X' and our family, you have helped 'X' develop the skills she needed in order to be ready for school".

Donna looks forward to meeting you explaining more in depth what she can offer your child.

Rebecca Drury

Rebecca is located just out of Rangiora and offers a large open plan environment with ample space indoors and out for children.

Living on a lifestyle block there are opportunities for children to help feed, care and interact with farm animals. Rebecca is passionate about providing a vast amount of activities and experiences throughout a child's day.

She is skilled at building loving, caring, nurturing relationships where children can grow and develop at their own pace.




Larnii Barr

Larnii is a local Educator offering homebased education and care in her home at a handy central location in the South of Rangiora.

She has a 15 month old son Felix, and has a passion for working with children. Larnii offers a beautiful homely environment with a large outdoor play area, and is located next to Matawai Park.

Larnii has travelled, but is now settled in Rangiora with her wee family. Although she is a qualified hairdresser, she loves working with children and has previous experience caring and educating preschool aged children.

Larnii believes in providing a calm, unhurried, clean, loving environment for children in her care. She likes to encourage children to be involved in the vegetable garden, so that they can experience growing their own produce to eat.



Tania Mulder

Kia ora, my name is Tarn and I have 5 children and 6 grandchildren.I have been a homebased Educator for 20 years.

I decided to become an Educator so that my passion and knowledge to learn each childs interests and learning will be fostered into fun learning for them. I have a massive passion and enthsiasm for children and I love the excitment of children. I like to devote my own parenting knowledge and experience by nurturing them to feel protected, respected and loved.

I am passionate about preschool children and I love being involved in their learning. I love the excitement and enthusiasm that children have and enjoy watching them develop their confidence in learning and trying new things.

I get pleasure from managing and educating children according to their individual needs based on their physical and intellectual strengths by providing positive guidance and a variety of activities and experiences. I am passionate about parenting and want to extend what skills I have to developing my children's successes so that they become competent and confident learners. My desire is to share and execute my attributes and gifts of my training and educational inspirations.

My strengths are in crafts and I especially love paper mache and all other forms of messy play. Baking is my favourite experience with children as they learn several skills and use a variety of learning tools that can prepare them for life.

The nurturing of a child is the key for them to feel attached and settled, and they then have a sense of well-being and belonging in the community.

Lisa Cardwell                                                  

Lisa is located just off the motorway in a handy easy to access area.                   

She has a wonderful outdoor area where children have ample equipment to challenge themselves or to just sit and admire the wonderful gardens in tranquility. Lisa provides a  vast amount of art and craft experiences, as well as ample equipment where the children can free play choose fromaccording to their current interests.

She is skilled at identifying children's current interests and provides activites and experiences that support their future learning. Lisa is also skilled at building quick, loving, nurturing relationships with all of her children.



Kathleen Campbell

Kathleen is located close to Kaiapoi High School and offers children a magical environment full of a rich assortment of equipment for all preschool age groups.

She is a highly dedicated Educator that quickly develops loving caring relationships with children.

She is skilled at recognising and building on children's current interests and abilities. The vast amount of child centred resources that she has enables this to occur.

She believes in providing experiences that support and encourage them to progress at their own pace. She provides a calm unhurried atmosphere that is well suited for all children's abilities and needs.


Sandra Miles

With 26 years experience I have a strong passion for fostering relationships with the children and their families to grow creative explorers.

I have my Level 4 National Certificate in early childhood education, work full time Monday to Friday and are located close to Kaiapoi High school.

I believe we should celebrate children, their individual interests, and nurture learning in a home environment. I encourage children to give things a go, even when it may seem hard.

If you would like to speak with me about what activites and experiences I provide for children please don't hesitate to call.


AnnMaree (Annie) Cross

Annie is located at the North end of Kaiapoi in Sovereign Palms.

Annie has adult children and grandchildren and has been an Educator for many years.

Her almost new home has a wonderful open plan indoor outdoor flow that is also easy walking distance to parks, shops and other facilites such as the Aquatic centre.

Annie believes in supporting children's social and emotional well-being alongside encouraging their self help skills.

She provides a loving nurturing environment with a passion for making a difference in children's lives.