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Homebased Childcare

Caring Dedicated Educators

All of our Educators have been selected following a thorough interview, referee, police check, home standards, and comprehensive first aid course. We ensure our families are matched with suitable Educators, and they are then offered the opportunity to meet in the Educators home before making any decisions. Some of our Family Tree Educators have been providing homebased care and education for more than 20 years! 

Our caring, passionate and dedicated Educators provide children with opportunities to learn, grow and develop within a home setting with a focus on providing educational experiences. Becoming involved in everyday at home experiences such as baking, gardening and walking to the park provides children with a sense of belonging and wellbeing within a relaxed unhurried environment. 

Family Tree Educators are supported by a qualified registered Coordinator who visits at least once a month. The Coordinator provides the Educator with guidance of educational activity ideas as well as a wealth of resources from the company’s toy library. The toy library provides Educators with a variety of equipment that is rotated on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting each child’s individual interests and needs. Every child has a profile book where learning stories, milestones and celebrations are recorded. A shared learning model is evident in these through having child, parent, Educator and Coordinator voice within them.

Our Educators are self-employed and set their own hourly rate per child beginning at $5. We can provide support with Work and Income childcare subsidies should you believe you are eligible. Educators can have no more than 4 children at one time with a ratio of 2 children under 2yrs and 2 children over 2 yrs, or 4 children over 3 yrs old.