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About Us

Caring Homebased Education

Family Tree homebased is privately owned by Jen Hall who has worked in the homebased and centre based early childhood education industry for 30 years. 

We are privileged to be able to offer families high quality education and care for children in Educators homes. Children learn and grow within a warm home environment. They experience every day events such as baking, art and craft, exploration, science experiments, outdoor play and several other activities according to children's interests and needs. We offer parents small numbers meaning more quality opportunities for one on one learning.

Babies routines are able to be kept the same as they would experience at home and they are safe and secure in an unhurried gentle manner. 

We believe that children who are enrolled in our service are at less risk of becoming ill and have less attachment and behaviour issues. 

We are Ministry of Education licensed to provide a Homebased education and care service.